The majority of oil-filled electrical equipment failures can be avoided with a solid preventive maintenance program, which includes regular testing of insulating oils. Trivax Services can provide a timely turnaround and accurate testing of mineral, silicone, FR3 and Envirotemp insulating oils. Our services include:Transformer oil regeneration

      • Dissolved Gas Analysis
      • Complete transformer and breaker dress out
      • Hot Oil Vacuum Filling
      • Oil Processing
      • Bushing Replacement
      • Oil quality sampling and recommendations
      • Used Oil disposal
Trivax Energy Services Limited is a leader in Earthing systems/ full lightning protection systems in accordance with IEC62305 or NFPA requirements.We can design and install a range of specialist earthing systems as required for:

  • Sub Stations,
  • Data Centers/Server Room,
  • Telecom Installations,
  • Static Earthing,
  • Oil&Gas facilities etc.

We offer comprehensive, customised solutions for any phase of the project, including the following services:

  • Site Survey/Risk Assesment: Trivax Energy services provides onsite risk assessment of earthing system in accordance with IEC62305 requirements.
  • Project design that provides solutions for full protection against lightning in accordance with the IEC62305 and NFPA requirements, is the most suited to your needs and is in accordance with the legislation in force.
  • Lightning Protection System Installation: All installations comply to IEC 62305 code of practices. Safe access and methods of work along with client satisfaction are our prime objectives. Detailed Risk and Method statements are provided to clients prior to site commencement. Our installers are trained to provide neat inconspicuous installations while maintaining maximum function.
  • Lightning protection systems Annual Test & Inspection: To comply with IEC62305, lightning protection systems require to be tested and certified annually. Trivax Energy can carry out this service on request – including testing of individual earth electrodes, continuity testing and overall system testing.
  • Lightning Protection Systems Maintenance & Repair: For the lightning protection system to function as designed in the event of a lightning strike, it is essential that the system is maintained and kept in good order. GIL can provide full up-grades to IEC 62305. We also provide soil resistivity testing.
  • Surge Protection / ESP (Electronic System Protection): We are a reliable supplier / installer of surge and lightning arrestors required to all IEC 62305 systems to protect internal electric / electronic communication, surveillance and alarm systems from secondary effects of lightning strike.

Please contact us today for your earthing/lightning protection system requirements. We will be glad to meet your requirements.


Trivax provides complete commissioning services for your facility, from project management to testing and calibration while meeting all required specifications.

Switchgear and motor controls failures are typically disastrous and results in costs not only associated with damages to the equipment itself, but also the damage done to the equipment it protects. Bad gear is also a workplace hazard, as failure can easily burn up the equipment and cause fires.

We offer a full range of switchgear installation & Upgrade services including:AC and DC High Potential Testing

      • Protective Relay Testing and Calibration
      • Power Factor Testing
      • Cable Testing
      • Functional Testing of Switchgear Components
      • Complete Point to Point Checkout of All Control Circuits
      • Verify Relay and Circuit Breaker Settings per Coordination Study
      • Circuit Breaker Testing
      • Isolation Panel Testing


we analyze electrical systems to identify equipment applications that create electrical hazards. We identify the hazard levels and reduce the hazards, where possible. Our primary engineering studies include protective device coordination, short circuit analysis, load flow studies, transient motor starting analysis and arc flash hazard analysis. Other deliverables might include MTOs, EMI, Ground grid system, Cable Pulling etc.

We work with utilities, industrial and manufacturing plants, government and commercial facilities. We use IEEE standards, IEC standards, BS standards, the National Electrical Safety Code, and the Ralph Lee papers for engineering calculations.

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